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"I made back 1/3rd of my investment within 2 months of joining the SVG Superstar Coaching Program"

“I was hesitant to start the course because I’m a college student so it was a little out of my budget but I’m so glad I enrolled in the program! I was unable to find YouTube videos that fully explained step-by-step procedures.
Since I was new to affinity designer, I learned how to trace complex images. Something I was not able to do before the program. I definitely recommend you guys to try this program! It’s an investment and it’s worth investing in yourself!
It’s important to invest in yourself and make money while you sleep! Work smarter not harder! (This is coming from a crafter who makes "made to order" items which are time-consuming and can take days to make!) ."

Valerie (Cuttingmachinefiles) - Alumni June 2021

From a beginner to a cake topper design queen

“Before I enrolled in SVG Superstar, I had no idea of how to design SVG from scratch. This course taught me everything from the basics. This course is very helpful for anybody wanting to design their own SVGs
As a result of this course, I now have an established SVG business that runs in the background while I work at my day job.
Before I didn’t know how to design SVG but now I design all types of SVG from basic to advanced designs.”

Toby (WonderfullyMadeSVGs) - Alumni Nov 2019

A few lessons into the course and a whole world of possibilities just opens up to you

“To whoever’s on the fence about taking the SVG Superstar course, I’d suggest you jump right on board! I was very new to Cricut when I started the course with zero knowledge about creating my own cut files. Just a few lessons into the course and a whole world of possibilities just open up to you. It’s been a fantastic ride with our super-friendly and extremely supportive instructor, Jav. From knowing nothing about digital designing to prepping up to open my own Etsy shop for SVGs, I’d say I’ve sure come a long way.”

- Fathima Afra (Pop of Color) - Alumni Nov 2020