And just like you, I wear many hats. I'm an SVG design and business coach, SVG designer, blogger, podcaster, and CEO of my company Cut N Make Crafts.

But I'm also a Business Intelligence Analyst, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I'm a socially-awkward introvert, who loves all things fashion and equestrian.

Early digital file designing struggles

I started my first blog (Sew Some Stuff) back in 2013, so I could make enough to go to Harvard (or any Ivy League college). 

I then started designing digital bag sewing patterns to sell. I spent two years trying to learn Adobe Illustrator and once I mastered it through trial and error, in 2016 Adobe launched it's membership program.

As a student, the $19/mo membership was out of my budget so I searched high and low and stumbled upon Affinity Designer and fell in love with it.

Cricut and me - match made in heaven

In 2018, I got my first Cricut. It was like a dream come true. A robot to do all the cutting for me? Oh, hell yeah!

Initially I used my Cricut Maker to cut bag sewing patterns but soon I discovered the world of paper crafting. I became so obsessed with Cricut, I launched a new blog Cut N Make Crafts to share Cricut crafts and inspire others.

SVGs - answer to my prayers

Naturally, I started sharing FREE SVG cut files on my blog and I truly enjoyed it because it was 10X easier than creating sewing patterns. 

The files were loved by thousands of my followers on Instagram. Crafters were asking me to show them the magic behind creating high quality SVG cut files to use with Cricut.

And that's when SVG SUPERSTAR was born. The one and only SVG designing course where you can learn to design and sell SVG cut files on a student's budget.

Student stories

Fatima Afra - Pop Of Color

I was very new to Cricut when I started the course with zero knowledge about creating my own cut files. Just a few lessons into the course and a whole world of possibilities just open up to you. It’s been a fantastic ride with our super-friendly and extremely supportive instructor, Jav. From knowing nothing about digital designing to prepping up to open my own Etsy shop for SVGs, I’d say I’ve sure come a long way.

India N Jay - Creatively Made SVGs

"Before joining the course, I had no idea what SVGs are and after taking the course I’ve made a tremendous progress. The instructions are really simple and easy to follow, the coach is amazing and always available to help. She’s extremely knowledgeable about this stuff so I highly recommend taking this course."

Akiba Lancaster - CallicraftSVGs

"The course is so well structured that even someone like me who’s not tech savvy was easily able to follow along and learn quickly. The course has made me extremely confident about designing SVGs. "


Digital files have helped me in making a full-time income as a student. Thanks to the freedom of my digital file business, I was able to graduate at the top of my class with high distinction. 

Selling digital files has given me freedom and peace that I could not have achieved any other way.

If you would like to design and sell SVG cut files to make money in your sleep, click the button below to join my SVG SUPERSTAR course waitlist.


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